“We believe that challenging sites create unique opportunities.”

Whether it’s new development or re-development, our projects tend to synchronize with our philosophy for thinking outside of the box. 

“By creating positive solutions, we all win.”

DMS Development sees itself as a neighbor and strives to meet the needs and interests of the community while pursuing our development goals.

“It is emotionally rewarding to make a project work, especially where others have given up.”

DMS Development has focus, perseverance, and stamina when it comes to working on projects through the course of assemblage, regulatory issues, and the entitlement process.


Our ability to think "outside of the box" allows us to create unique opportunities, working well with governmental jurisdictions and being sensitive to neighboring communities affected by our development.

On the RESIDENTIAL side, our focus is on purchasing raw land, taking it through the entitlement process and preparing the land for our network of national Home-Builders to construct single family homes, townhouses, condominiums and apartments.

We have a variety of approaches for COMMERCIAL development.  We will acquire raw land, achieve the proper entitlements, construct the building(s), and lease the space for retail, office and/or users of different varieties. We are also focused on redevelopment of commercial property.